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§ Section 19 Thuringian School Act: Duration of full-time compulsory education

(1) Full-time compulsory education lasts ten school years. It may be shortened by skipping a grade. A third year of school attendance in the school entry phase shall not be counted towards the duration of full-time compulsory education.

(2) A compulsory school pupil who has not attained the lower secondary school leaving certificate or the qualifying lower secondary school leaving certificate after ten years of school attendance may, with the permission of the head teacher and after consultation of the class conference, continue to attend the mainstream school, the community school, the comprehensive school or the year of vocational preparation at the vocational school in an eleventh year of school attendance immediately thereafter; in exceptional cases, the competent education authority may also permit continued attendance in a twelfth year of school attendance in order to attain the lower secondary school leaving certificate. Admission may be refused if it is to be expected that the safety or order of school operations or the realization of the educational goals of the school will be significantly jeopardized as a result.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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