Prevention Network against Right-Wing Extremism (BIKnetz)

Service Description

The "Bundesweites Informations- und Kompetenznetz" (BIKnetz) is a nationwide contact point for prevention against right-wing extremism. It offers the following support services against right-wing extremism:

  • Provision of knowledge and competencies in preventive-pedagogical work against right-wing extremism.
  • Initial information and support from experts on site in commitment against right-wing extremism
  • Assistance through the mediation of experts in problematic situations with right-wing extremism on site
  • Support for pedagogical professionals in order to gain more confidence in their everyday work when dealing with young people at risk from right-wing extremism
    • z. e.g. in schools, youth clubs, sports associations, youth recreational facilities
  • Information and support for parents and other family members who have problems with right-wing extremism in their family or environment
  • Information and support for counseling centers of all kinds that have problems with right-wing extremist phenomena on site

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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