Civil service training in the middle non-technical service

Service Description

Aim of the training

The aim of the training is to provide the candidate in a preparatory service with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed to perform the duties of the career.

The following persons may be recruited for the preparatory service

  • has completed a secondary school (Realschule) or a secondary modern school (Hauptschule) and has completed a suitable vocational training program or has an educational background recognized as equivalent in the general education sector;
  • has reached the age of 16 at the time of employment and is not older than 32;
  • is German or German national within the meaning of Art. 116 of the German Basic Law, has the nationality of another EU member state or meets another requirement pursuant to Art. 7 of the Civil Servant Status Act;
  • offers the guarantee of standing up for the free democratic basic order at all times.
  • Severely disabled persons may be hired up to a maximum age of 40.
  • Likewise, for applicants who care for children under the age of 18 in their domestic community and for this reason have refrained from applying in good time, the hiring age is increased by three years per child, up to a maximum age of 40.
  • These age limits do not apply to applicants through the preregistration office.

The preparatory service

After successfully passing a selection procedure, applicants selected for recruitment to the preparatory service are appointed as civil servants (Regierungssekretäranwärter). The preparatory service lasts two years and begins on August 1 of each year. The dual training is divided into theoretical and practical sections, which alternate.

The theoretical training covers a period of 12.5 months and is conducted at the Thuringian School of Administration in Weimar in four specialized courses.

The following subjects are part of the theoretical training:

  1. Introduction to law and the methodology of case processing
  2. Constitutional law
  3. Civil law
  4. General administrative law, administrative procedural law, administrative procedural law
  5. Municipal law
  6. Public service law
  7. Administrative business management
  8. Information, communication and cooperation techniques
  9. Work techniques
  10. Public finance
  11. Regulatory law
  12. Youth and social law and
  13. Public building law including environmental law.

Further information on training procedures and content can be found on the website of the Thuringian School of Administration at

The practical training lasts a total of 11.5 months and is divided into five internship sections in different areas of the state administration of the Free State of Thuringia.

The career examination consists of a written and a practical part. Successful completion of the career examination entitles the candidate to use the professional title "Verwaltungswirtin" or "Verwaltungswirt".

Salaries and wages

The basic amount of the candidate's salary is currently approx. 1,000 euros per month. If you are married and/or have children, you will receive appropriate supplements.

Employment after training

The civil service relationship ends when you pass the career examination. There is no entitlement to employment after training. If you complete your training with good results, you have a good chance of being appointed as a "government secretary" and thus as a probationary civil servant.

Application, recruitment

Apprenticeship positions are advertised annually in the last quarter.

special notes for kreisfreie Stadt Erfurt

Information about the opportunities for training at the Erfurt city administration; advice on current offers, requirements, prospects.

As one of the largest employers in the region, the city administration of the state capital Erfurt naturally offers young people - primarily school leavers - the opportunity to find the right start to their careers.
In the period from August to October of each year, the training positions for the following year are publicly advertised.

After reviewing the application documents, suitable applicants are invited to take a written selection test. The best graduates of this test are invited to a 2nd selection. After a 3rd selection, the best are again invited to an interview. As a result of this selection process, offers of employment are then made to the applicants concerned.

The following training courses are offered by the Municipality:

Degree programs

  • Civil servant in the higher non-technical administrative service
  • Student at the University of Cooperative Education Thuringia (BA) in the subjects:
    • Management in public enterprises and institutions
    • Social services

Vocational training

  • Civil servant in the intermediate non-technical administrative service
  • Administrative assistant
  • Management assistant for office communication
  • Specialized employee for media and information services - specialization library
  • Gardener - specializing in horticulture and landscaping
  • IT systems electronics technician
  • Civil servant in the higher fire department technical service
  • Civil servant in the intermediate firefighting service

For further information on training with the Erfurt city administration, please refer to the page "Erfurt - your city, your opportunity, your job".
As the training opportunities vary from year to year, we would like to ask all interested parties to check our homepage regularly within the above-mentioned period to find out about the current training opportunities.

Note on data protection

In the event of an intended application, please note the information sheet on the collection of personal data in accordance with Article 13 DS GVO.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

Competent Authority

Landeshauptstadt Erfurt, Stadtverwaltung - Organisation und Personalcontrolling

Visiting address
Meister-Eckehart-Straße 2
99084 Erfurt

99111 Erfurt
0361 655-2140
0361 655-2159
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