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If you wish to hold events such as animal shows, animal fairs and animal exhibitions, you must notify the relevant administrative authority. In addition, you require a permit under animal protection law if you

  • hold animal fairs for the purpose of exchanging or selling animals by third parties, or
  • commercially display animals or make them available for such purposes.

For livestock shows, livestock markets and events of a similar nature, notification is required in accordance with the regulations of the Animal Health Act. "Livestock" in this sense includes, for example, domestic animals of the species horse, donkey, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, many species of poultry, enclosure game and camelids.

Dog and cat shows must be notified if

  • dogs and cats from EU member states or third countries participate, or
  • the exhibition or event is to be held in a district at risk of rabies.

The permit to be issued by the veterinary office may be subject to conditions in accordance with animal disease law.

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Animal Protection Act: Application for permission according to § 11 TierSchG