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Spatial planning in Germany takes place at several levels. At the state level, the state development plan, at the regional level, the regional plan and at the municipal level, the urban land use planning (development plan and land use plan). In addition, there is the planning approval, which is a special administrative procedure concerning the permissibility of spatially significant projects and infrastructure measures. In addition to participating in planning procedures for spatial planning and plan approval, citizens and public interest groups have the opportunity to inspect established plans or plan approval decisions.

Thuringia is divided into the planning regions of North, Central, Southwest and East Thuringia.

Each planning region has a regional planning association. It is the merger of the counties, independent cities and municipalities belonging to the counties, which are designated as middle centers in the state development program, into a corporation under public law.

The regional planning communities are responsible for regional planning. They are responsible for drawing up and amending the regional plan.

Website of the regional planning communities of North, Central, Southwest and East Thuringia
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Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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