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If you wish to discontinue the operation of your trade, you are obliged to deregister your trade.

The same applies if you move the headquarters of your business or a branch or dependent branch of your business to a new location and this results in the jurisdiction of a different municipality. First, deregister your trade or business at the previous location. Then re-register it at the new location.

If you change the legal form of your trade or business, a trade deregistration is also required. First, you must deregister your business under the previous legal form. Then, you re-register your business under the new legal form.

If you move the head office of your business or a branch office or a dependent branch of your business to a new location without any change in the jurisdiction within the municipality, a business re-registration is sufficient.

The deregistration must be carried out by the following persons or their authorized representatives:

  • In the case of sole traders, by the trader himself/herself,
  • in the case of corporations (e.g. GmbH, AG) by the legal representative(s).

In the case of partnerships (e.g. OHG, KG, GbR/BGB-Gesellschaft, GmbH & Co. KG), trade deregistrations must be carried out by all partners authorized to manage the business.

special notes for kreisfreie Stadt Erfurt

Confirmation of trade registration, trade re-registration and trade deregistration

Application or submission of documents, delivery:

  • in person, by fax, mail, e-mail (PDF must be signed), also possible by power of attorney
  • personal delivery, also possible by fax or mail

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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