Keep waste registers and records of whereabouts

Service Description

Hazardous waste / waste requiring records

Anyone who wishes to dispose of hazardous/accountable waste must keep a record of its whereabouts or maintain certain records, such as

  • Disposal certificates prior to the start of disposal,
  • consignment bills and, if applicable, transfer bills,
  • Register consisting of the aforementioned proofs.

The register or the evidence to be kept shall document the disposal operations of the hazardous/accidental waste. The obligation to keep the register applies to producers, owners, collectors, transporters, traders and brokers, as well as all disposers of hazardous/detectable waste.

The obligation to keep records applies to the same group of persons with the exception of dealers and brokers .

Wastes that are not subject to verification

Waste disposers of non-detectable waste must also keep a register of the type and quantity as well as the treatment of the waste and the fate of the waste generated.

Waste disposers who in turn deliver waste for further disposal (secondary producers) are subject to the register obligations for all delivered waste. This also applies to substances or objects that have undergone a recovery process at the waste disposer and for which the end of waste status is to be claimed.

Dealers and brokers of waste also have to keep registers.

Private households

These obligations do not apply to private households.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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