Standard land values - Inspection of the standard land value map and information

Service Description

Information on standard land values is required for a variety of purposes:

Do you want to buy or sell a property and find out about the level of land prices in the region?

Do you need standard land values for tax purposes, e.g. for property tax?

Do you have a general interest in the property market and want to find out about land prices?

The expert committees for land values offer you various ways of obtaining the information you require.

  • You can view the standard land values at the local offices of the expert committees or via the internet applications Bodenrichtwertinformationssystem Thüringen(BORIS-TH) or Bodenrichtwertinformationssystem Deutschland(BORIS-D). This provides you with an overview of the standard land values quickly, easily and free of charge.
  • For property tax purposes, you can call up the standard land values at the time of the main assessment on a parcel-by-parcel basis in the Thuringia Property Tax Viewer.
  • You can request written information on standard land values from the relevant expert committee for land values.

The Thuringian expert committees for land values decide on standard land values every two years and publish them for viewing in the Thuringia standard land value information system (BORIS-TH). The basic material for determining the standard land value is the data from the purchase price collection. Other documents, such as urban land-use plans and local investigations, are also used to support the process.

The standard land value is the average location value of the land for a majority of properties within a defined area (standard land value zone) that are largely identical in terms of their property characteristics, in particular the type and extent of usability, and for which the general value conditions are essentially the same. The standard land value is based on the square meter of land area of a property with a defined property condition (standard land value property). In developed areas, the standard land values only include the value that would result if the land were undeveloped.

The standard land value is not a market value. Deviations in the value-determining characteristics of the property to be valued, such as the type and extent of building use, development status and property size, result in deviations in its market value from the standard land value.

Anyone can create a so-called standard land value information as a printout (PDF document) digitally and free of charge in just a few steps using the application. If official, chargeable information on the standard land value is required, this can be requested from the relevant authorities, which can also be done online.

Below are links to BORIS-TH, to a video presentation with information on how to use this application and to the Thuringia property tax viewer.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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