War Victim Services

Service Description

As a disabled person, you are entitled to treatment for recognized health problems. If you are severely disabled, benefits will also be granted for non-medical conditions if and to the extent that they are not otherwise provided (e.g. through membership of the statutory health insurance scheme); under the same conditions, the family members and caregivers of severely disabled persons and all surviving dependents may claim medical treatment.

The type and scope of benefits generally correspond to those of the statutory health insurance.

The medical treatment includes

  • Outpatient medical and dental treatment,
  • Supply of medicines and dressings,
  • provision of remedies including physiotherapy, exercise therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy as well as spectacle lenses and contact lenses
  • Supply of dental prostheses,
  • Treatment in a hospital (hospital treatment),
  • treatment in a rehabilitation facility,
  • home health care,
  • Supply of assistive devices,
  • Stress testing and occupational therapy,
  • non-medical social pediatric services,
  • psychotherapy as medical and psychotherapeutic treatment and sociotherapy.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

Competent Authority

Thüringer Landesverwaltungsamt - SER-Renten, Rehabilitierung von SED-Unrecht, Bußgeld nach dem SGB XI - Referat 610

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