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When someone dies and no testamentary the intestate succession takes place. It is based on general ideas about to whom the assets of deceased persons should justly fall. In principle, the blood relatives and the spouse or - in the case of a registered civil partnership - the life partner inherit.

Persons living together in persons living together in a non-marital partnership have no mutual legal right of inheritance. Therefore, if you wish to appoint your partner as your heir, a testamentary disposition (will or contract of inheritance) is mandatory.

Relatives are divided into orders as heirs. The relatives with the lower order number inherit:
  • Heirs of the first order are the descendants of the testator and their descendants.
  • Heirs of the second order are the parents of the deceased and their descendants.
  • Heirs of the third order are the grandparents and their descendants.
  • Heirs of the fourth order are the great-grandparents and their descendants.

If the deceased was inherited jointly by more than one person, the property left behind shall belong to the heirs jointly.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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