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Along with water and air, soil is an indispensable basis of life for humans, animals and plants. It fulfills a variety of functions. Among other things, soil is essential for the production of food, it is used for forestry, serves as a location for settlements, functions as a recreational area and protects groundwater from contamination. It is therefore the task of the responsible authorities to protect soils from destruction (e.g. by construction measures or erosion) and from impairment of their functions (e.g. by pollutant inputs). In this context, the authorities perform the following tasks in particular:

  • Collection of data on the composition and condition of Thuringia's soils and compilation of these data in a soil information system.
  • Establishment and operation of permanent soil observation plots
  • Systematic mapping of the soils of Thuringia and creation of corresponding digital soil maps
  • Recording of erosion events as well as of erosion endangered and polluted areas in corresponding maps and cadastres
  • Preparation of statements in case of intended interventions in the soil
  • Initiation of investigations of areas suspected of contamination
  • Initiation of measures to limit or prevent soil erosion and pollutant inputs into soils as well as remediation of polluted properties

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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