Motor vehicle registration - Applying for initial registration of a vehicle (new registration)

Service Description

If you want to use a new motor vehicle on the road for the first time, it must be registered. This also applies to trailers. You or your representative submit the application for this initial registration to the local vehicle registration authority.

After successful registration, you will receive the registration documents and the registration authority will assign you a license plate number.

The registration entitles you to

  • drive the vehicle on the road and
  • park the vehicle in public areas.

So-called owner data is recorded during the registration process.

  • for natural persons:
  • Surname, maiden name, first names,
    • if applicable, religious or stage name,
    • Date and place of birth or, if this is not known, the country of birth,
    • gender and address
  • for legal persons and authorities:
    • Name or designation and
    • address
  • for associations:
    • Representation with data by natural or legal person
    • Name of the association

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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