Swearing in of experts to provide expert opinions on the services and activities of the skilled trades and their value

Service Description

Your tasks as a publicly appointed expert include the assessment of services and activities in the skilled trades and their value. You should provide factually sound assessments of skilled trade work, products and services and the prices charged for them.

As an appraiser, you are the figurehead for the performance of the skilled crafts sector. Your professional skills and knowledge as well as your integrity are not only important for your personal reputation, but also for the reputation of the skilled crafts sector as a whole.

As an applicant, you are therefore only entitled to public appointment and swearing-in if your special expertise, independence and impartiality have been verified and it is therefore beyond doubt that you meet the requirements set out in the respective expert regulations of the chambers of skilled crafts - in particular personal suitability and proof of special expertise.

These selection criteria include that you as an applicant

  • Generally meet the requirements for entry in the Register of Craftsmen, i.e. as a rule, have passed the master craftsman's examination in a craft requiring a license or have acquired another qualification, for example as an engineer; the same applies to crafts not requiring a license and trades similar to crafts,
  • are particularly knowledgeable and qualified to provide expert opinions,
  • have the equipment required to carry out the work of an expert witness,
  • live in orderly financial circumstances and
  • offer a guarantee of impartiality and independence in the provision of expert opinions as well as reliable compliance with the obligations of a publicly appointed and sworn expert.

If you prepare expert opinions as a publicly appointed and sworn expert, you must always rule out the possibility of the expert opinion being used for your own commercial or other professional purposes. You must always be aware that particularly high demands are placed on your honesty and objectivity.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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