Take the examination for financial investment brokers

Service Description

If you wish to broker financial investments or provide investment advice on a commercial basis, you must provide proof of your expertise in order to obtain a license. You can provide this proof by taking a corresponding examination at the IHK.
Depending on the product category, the examination is divided into three areas:

  • Open financial investments
  • Closed-end financial investments
  • Investments

The examination consists of a written and a practical part. They must be taken one after the other.
In the written part of the exam, you must demonstrate the necessary legal and technical knowledge, for example with regard to consumer rights and technical terms. In the practical part, you must conduct a simulated customer consultation.

You do not have to meet any formal requirements to register for the exam, but you should prepare intensively for the content in order to take it successfully.

The content of the examination for financial investment brokers corresponds to the examination for fee-based financial investment advisors.

If you have completed vocational training or have a degree in banking and finance, this may be recognized instead of the examination.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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