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Object of funding:

In terms of its financing, THÜRINGEN-DYNAMIK is a "sustainable funding product": the program is fed by a revolving fund, 80 percent of which is endowed with funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Interest and repayments flow back into this fund and are thus once again available for Thuringia's economic development.

The loan fund is intended to contribute to the following output indicators in the "Operational Program Thuringia ERDF 2014-2020" for the achievement of objectives in Priority Axis 2 - Strengthening the Competitiveness of Enterprises:

  • Loan support for 240 companies
  • further private investments in the amount of 215 million euros as leverage of fund resources
  • Creation of 2,200 additional jobs together with the Thüringen-Invest development program.

On behalf of the Thuringian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Science and Digital Society (TMWWDG), Thüringer Aufbaubank grants low-interest loans for:

  • all tangible and intangible business assets to be newly acquired as part of a project, as well as for modernization and maintenance expenses,
  • Purchase of business shares (share deals) as well as for asset deals in the context of business succession.

Recipients of the subsidy:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises in the commercial sector, the tourism and accommodation industry, and the service sector.
  • Members of the business-related liberal professions; start-ups in the above-mentioned sectors as well as natural persons for the acquisition of shares in a business.

Not eligible to apply are:

  • Companies that are not eligible for aid under the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER) pursuant to Article 1 (2-5) or de minimis aid pursuant to Article 1 (1) of the De Minimis Regulation (this includes primary agricultural production, fisheries and aquaculture).
  • Enterprises in the food processing industry, provided that the production/processing results in products that are part of Annex I of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU (TFEU), exception: small and medium-sized enterprises in the butcher's trade,
  • enterprises/freelance professions in forestry (NACE 02.1), health, veterinary and social services, pharmacies, lawyers, credit institutions and insurance companies or related activities,
  • enterprises in difficulty as defined in paragraph 24 in conjunction with paragraph 20 of the Guidelines for State Enterprises. Point 20 of the Guidelines on State aid for rescuing and restructuring non-financial undertakings in difficulty and Article 2(18) of the GBER,
  • undertakings which have not complied with a recovery order issued on the basis of a previous Commission decision declaring an aid illegal and incompatible with the internal market.

Scope of funding:

  • Maximum funding amount: 2 million euros per applicant* per calendar year.
  • Simultaneous application for a 50 percent liability exemption is possible.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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