Notification of temporary and occasional cross-border provision of services by state-certified food chemists from other EU/EEA states.

Service Description

Nationals of other EU/EEA states or of a state equated by agreement who are legally established there for the practice of the same profession as the State-certified food chemist may, under certain conditions, use atitle corresponding to the professional title "State-certified food chemist" without a state permit, if they move to Germany only for the temporary and occasional practice of the profession. In this case, the intended exercise of the profession must be notified in writing in advance to the competent authority in order to verify the requirements. The notification must be renewed once a year if it is intended to provide services again on a temporary and occasional basis during the year in question. If the notification has already been duly provided in another federal state on the basis of professional practice carried out there, the notification shall be valid throughout the entire federal territory. In this case, proof of the notification must be submitted to the competent authority upon request.

NoteIf you wish to use the professional title "Staatlich geprüfte Lebensmittelchemikerin/Staatlich geprüfter Lebensmittelchemiker"(State-certified food chemist) with a branch in Germany, you need a state permit to do so(see the service description "Staatlich geprüfte Lebensmittelchemikerin/Staatlich geprüfter Lebensmittelchemiker" - Recognizing foreign professional qualifications"). The additional qualification as "State-certified food chemist" in addition to a degree in food chemistry is required for work in official food monitoring and for licensing as a private counter-sample expert in accordance with the Counter-Sample Ordinance. Outside of these activities, the professional title "Staatlich geprüfte Lebensmittelchemikerin/Staatlich geprüfter Lebensmittelchemiker" is not required in all professional fields. For example, in research institutions, laboratories of the industry or also in consumer organizations, employment may also be possible without the aforementioned professional title, if this meets the requirement profile demanded there in each case. In these cases, it is possible to practice the profession with the academic degree "Diplom-Lebensmittelchemiker/in" or with an equivalent university degree. However, the professional title "State-certified food chemist" may not then be used.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

Competent Authority

Thüringer Landesamt für Verbraucherschutz (TLV) - Abteilung 2 Gesundheitlicher und technischer Verbraucherschutz

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