Non-profit and commercial collections of waste - notification procedure

Service Description

You must notify non-profit and commercial collections of recyclable waste from private households at least three months before the collection begins. Notification is required, for example, for street or container collections of textiles and shoes, but also purchase points for waste paper, scrap metal or similar.

The collection may be prohibited, limited in time or subject to conditions by the competent authority.

  • Waste (including recyclable waste) from private households must regularly be handed over to the public waste management authorities (obligation to hand over waste).
  • Exceptions to this obligation are, among others, commercial or non-profit collections of recyclable waste, if these have been notified to the competent authority;
  • notified collections may be prohibited or restricted by the competent authority
  • Mixed waste from private households as well as hazardous waste may not be collected on a commercial or non-profit basis

Electrical waste (defective old electrical appliances) and batteries must be handed over to the public waste management authority or returned to the dealers who are obliged to take them back Non-profit or commercial collection is prohibited.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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