Juvenile Justice Services

Service Description

If young people between the ages of 14 and 18 or young adults up to 21 have run afoul of the law, they and their parents can turn to juvenile court assistance.

Youth court assistance is one of the statutory tasks of the Youth Welfare Office. It is involved in the entire course of the juvenile court proceedings. In doing so, it accompanies the young offenders, but also supports the juvenile courts and the juvenile public prosecutor's office by providing reports, opinions and decision-making aids. In all considerations, the personal life situation of the young person is in the foreground.

Tasks of juvenile court assistance:

The many tasks of the juvenile court assistance include in particular:

Information and counseling

  • about the course of the juvenile court proceedings
  • the possible consequences of the offense,
  • data protection and protection of confidence,
  • various offers of help according to the Child and Youth Welfare Act,
  • For problems and difficulties in
    • School, career and training,
    • family and housing,
    • leisure time and
    • debts;

Reporting to the public prosecutor's office and the juvenile court (in each case taking into account proportionality) in written form about

  • personal life history and life situation,
  • future prospects,
  • background of the offenses,
  • juvenile assistance measures;


  • of the young person during the juvenile court proceedings,
  • the juvenile court in the decision-making process;


  • in pre-trial detention and during criminal detention;

Mediation and accompaniment of

  • youth welfare measures, such as outpatient educational assistance and supervised living.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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