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The disposal of garden waste from private households is the responsibility of the districts and independent cities. Regulations on this are laid down in the individual waste disposal statutes and fee statutes.
These include information on waste fees, waste containers (organic waste garbage cans, ordering options), waste calendars (collection intervals), existing collection and delivery systems for garden waste.
If the public waste disposal authorities do not yet offer an organic waste garbage can, there are alternative disposal options in the bring system (such as the possibility of dropping off garden waste at recycling centers or container services) and in some cases the use of an organic waste garbage can from private providers (commercial or non-profit collection).
In addition to the disposal of garden waste in the organic waste garbage can, most bylaws mention home composting as an option for recycling garden waste. If it can be proven that they can recycle their own waste by composting it on their own property, citizens can be exempted from the obligation to connect to the organic waste garbage can.
The separate collection and subsequent recycling of garden waste has several advantages for the environment: it reduces the amount of residual waste and simplifies the treatment of residual waste. Separate collection simplifies the high-quality recycling of garden waste and enables the use of the humus components and nutrients it contains.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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