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If you have received a notice of admission as a late repatriate and are registered in Germany at your new place of residence, you will receive the certificate as a late repatriate and thus German citizenship.

You are considered a late repatriate if you are of German descent and live in a state of the former Eastern Bloc or the successor states of the former Soviet Union. Your stay in Germany must be justified and approved through a special admission procedure.

After entering the Federal Republic of Germany, you will first come to the Initial Reception Center Friedland of the Federal Office of Administration. There you and your family members will go through a registration and distribution procedure. You will receive a registration certificate confirming your participation in the procedure.

You will then be assigned to a federal state to which you and your family will resettle. You will then receive a certificate from the Federal Office of Administration stating that you are a Spätaussiedler (ethnic German immigrant) or a relative.

At the same time, this certificate gives you German citizenship and entitles you to benefits, for example, from pension and statutory accident insurance, the Federal Employment Agency or the social welfare offices.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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