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Infrastructure funding, as part of the joint task of regional economic development (GRW), serves to improve and develop infrastructure measures that are important in terms of regional and structural policy. GRW grants can be used to support business-related infrastructure measures that are necessary for the development of the commercial economy.

The following infrastructure measures are eligible for funding:

  • Development, expansion and revitalization of industrial and commercial sites
  • Construction or expansion of transport links for commercial enterprises
  • Construction or expansion of facilities for the disposal and treatment of industrial wastewater
  • Construction or expansion of water supply pipelines and distribution facilities as part of development measures and as part of the connection of commercial enterprises
  • construction or extension of vocational training, advanced training and retraining facilities for the commercial sector
  • the construction or expansion of commercial centers for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • regional management projects and regional budget projects including regional economic development concepts.

The followingare not eligible for funding

  • the construction or expansion of supply lines and distribution facilities outside the development area,
  • the construction or expansion of communication links to connect eligible businesses within the meaning of the GRW,
  • the construction or expansion of facilities for the disposal of waste,
  • the construction or expansion of wastewater treatment facilities as part of the development, expansion and revitalization of industrial and commercial sites,
  • the construction or expansion of state vocational schools and independent vocational schools,
  • the construction or expansion of vocational training facilities whose educational offerings are not covered by the state's educational mandate
  • measures within the scope of the experimental clause of Part II. B. Item 4.6 of the GRW Coordination Framework,
  • a development made to measure (use of infrastructure by only one company,
  • the construction of infrastructure facilities that do not provide non-discriminatory access,
  • Measures in favor of economic sectors excluded from GRW support,
  • Measures in favor of large-scale retail trade,
  • measures taken by the federal government or the state,
  • the development of special areas (except for SO tourism),
  • the development of mixed-use areas,
  • the replacement (re-procurement) of existing equipment,
  • measures for repair and redevelopment.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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Thüringer Landesverwaltungsamt - Infrastrukturförderung - Referat 500

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