Extracurricular youth education: Promotion

Service Description

The public youth welfare organizations promote extracurricular youth education in order to enable young people to recognize themselves, their personal and social living conditions, to deal with them and to participate and contribute to the shaping of social life. Extracurricular youth education supports educational processes and promotes the personal development of young people through the acquisition of social skills.

Funding is granted upon application in the form of financial contributions to the sponsor of the measure.

special notes for District-free City Erfurt

The benefits for education and participation are granted according to § 28 SGB II and § 34 SGB XII and include:

  • Personal school supplies
    Pupils receive a lump sum of money for school equipment for the school year.
  • Learning support
    Supplementary appropriate learning support can be granted if the school confirms the need and no comparable school offers exist. Here you can find a list of learning support providers with a signed agreement.
  • Community lunch
    If schools, daycare centers or daycare mothers or fathers offer lunch, a free lunch can be granted.
  • Participation in social and cultural life
    Children and young people under the age of 18 receive a flat-rate amount for club, cultural or jointly organized leisure activities.
  • School transportation
    If expenses are incurred for trips that are legally defined as "school transportation" and these expenses are not covered elsewhere, they can be covered.

Eligible persons

An entitlement to benefits for education and participation exists in principle for recipients of one of the following benefits:

  • Basic income support for job seekers (benefits according to SGB II)
  • Basic benefits for old age and reduced earning capacity or assistance with living costs (benefits according to SGB XII)
  • Benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act
  • Benefits under the Housing Subsidy Act (Wohngeldgesetz) or
  • Benefits under the Federal Child Benefit Act in the form of the child supplement.

Pupils up to the age of 25 are entitled to education allowances if they attend a general or vocational school and do not receive an education allowance.

The same applies to children attending a daycare center. The term "daycare facility" includes both kindergartens and childcare provided by child minders.

The benefits for participation in social and cultural life (No. 6) are paid to children and young people who have not yet reached the age of 18, i.e. who are younger than 18. Attendance at a school or daycare center is not tied to this benefit.


With the main or further application for benefits for basic security for job seekers, the application for benefits education and participation is automatically considered filed. However, the Office for Social Affairs must be notified of the claiming of the benefits. For this purpose, the form Antrag auf Leistungen für Bildung und Teilhabe must be completed together with the form "Mitteilung zur Teilnahme am gemeinschaftlichen Mittagessen". The learning support must still be applied for separately.

All other eligible persons must apply for the benefits for education and participation.

The claiming of the benefits for education and participation or their application can be submitted to the Office for Social Affairs

  • in writing (Office for Social Affairs, Juri-Gagarin-Ring 150, 99084 Erfurt),
  • by fax (0361/655-6188) or
  • by e-mail (but-buergerservice.soziales@erfurt.de). If you contact the Office for Social Affairs by e-mail, we assume that you agree to be contacted by e-mail.

If you wish to send documents via email, please use PDF format to reduce file size.

At the Office of Social Affairs, forms for notification of claim or application for education and participation benefits, notification of participation in communal lunch, and application for learning support can be taken from 07:30 to 18:00 in the vestibule of the main entrance.

Note on data protection

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO) and the new Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) apply from 25.05.2018. As part of the application process, personal data must be collected, stored and processed in accordance with the legal requirements. The deletion of data is also regulated by law. The legal basis can be found in the Social Codes, in particular the Social Code Book I (SGB I), Book II (SGB II), Book X (SGB XII) and Book XII (SGB XII), as well as the Housing Allowance Act, the Federal Child Benefit Act and the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act. Applications cannot be processed without the required information.

Further information on this topic can also be found in the leaflet on the collection of personal data .

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

Competent Authority

Landeshauptstadt Erfurt, Stadtverwaltung - Bürgerservice Soziales

Visiting address
Juri-Gagarin-Ring 150
99084 Erfurt

99111 Erfurt
0361 655-6201
0361 655-6188
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Leistung: Antrag auf Leistungen für Bildung und Teilhabe
Leistung: Antrag auf Lernförderung
Leistung: Mitteilung zur Teilnahme am gemeinschaftlichen Mittagessen
Leistung: Veränderungsmitteilung bei Bezug der Leistungen für Bildung und Teilhabe