General social service

Service Description

The General Social Service (ASD for short; sometimes also referred to as Kommunaler Sozialdienst, KSD for short, or as Fachdienst) sees itself as a holistic basic service, particularly for measures and services relating to youth welfare at the municipal level.

In some municipalities, the General Social Service can also be the point of contact for services and questions relating to social assistance or social security, assistance for the elderly or disabled. In many cases, it is the first point of contact for citizens seeking advice on social issues - across target groups and/or offices.

The scope of tasks and the organization of the General Social Service varies considerably in the individual municipalities. Within the ASD/ KSD, certain tasks can also be organized as special services.

The task profile of an ASD usually includes:

  • counseling on measures and services under the Child and Youth Welfare Act (SGB VIII)
  • counseling on educational and family issues and on general questions concerning the promotion of education in the family
  • counseling in cases of separation and divorce and on questions of custody and access rights
  • Counseling for parents with children, adolescents or adolescents in all educational questions (help for upbringing)
  • Counseling and support for young adults
  • integration assistance for mentally handicapped children and adolescents
  • the foster child system
  • measures of child protection
  • Crisis intervention
special notes for District-free City Erfurt

The obesity consultation is a point of contact for families with overweight children and adolescents aged 4 to 18. The service is also open to children who do not yet have a weight problem but are at increased risk.

In everyday life, it is often difficult to implement a healthy lifestyle. We would like to support families in this process and provide advice with helpful tips and exercises. Obesity is rarely a problem of just one family member, so involving the whole family is very important to us.

You can contact us by phone, email or in person during office hours with any questions you may have about children's health.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

Competent Authority

Landeshauptstadt Erfurt, Stadtverwaltung - Kinder- und Jugendärztlicher Dienst

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Berliner Straße 26
99091 Erfurt

99111 Erfurt
0361 655-4278
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Tuesday 13:30 - 17:30
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