Permission for the use of plant protection products on non-crop land according to § 12 (2) PflSchG

Service Description

The application of plant protection products outside cultivated land (agricultural, forestry or horticultural land) as well as in or near water bodies or coastal waters generally requires an official permit. In justified exceptional cases, the responsible official plant protection service may grant an exemption upon application.

If the requirements are met, the application can be approved for:

  • Traffic areas (e.g. railroads, roads, paved paths, air traffic areas, sidewalks, train platforms).
  • installations of the military, the Federal Border Guard, the police, the fire department
  • Power supply facilities (e.g. transformer stations)
  • Telecommunication and broadcasting transmitters
  • Facilities with special risk of corrosion, fire and explosion (refineries, depots, etc.)
  • Sports facilities that are not covered with vegetation
  • Operational areas in exceptional cases (occupational safety and fire protection, object safety).

Exemption permits for the use of herbicides on non-crop land areas in home gardens and allotments are not granted.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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