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The public appointment of an expert is intended to provide courts, authorities, industry and the general public with particularly reliable, credible persons who are particularly knowledgeable and experienced in a specific field, if there is a need for this. It is not an admission to a profession, but the recognition of a special qualification.

If you apply for the public appointment and swearing in as an expert at the competent authority, you must prove that you have the necessary qualifications. The prerequisites are above-average professional competence in the relevant subject area and the personal suitability to perform expert activities in an independent, conscientious manner that is comprehensible to the client.

The authority can limit the content of your appointment (e.g. to a specialized field), set a time limit or impose conditions (e.g. the requirement to regularly attend further training).

The public appointment and swearing-in of experts confirms in business transactions the existence of a special professional qualification and personal suitability as an expert for a defined subject area. As a publicly appointed and sworn expert, you will be preferred for

  • you are preferred for the preparation of judicial appraisals and must comply with corresponding appraisal orders,
  • you have to accept private appraisal orders within the scope of your capacities,
  • some fields of activity are open to you which are closed to other experts (so-called "reserved tasks", e.g. safety inspections of plants requiring approval according to the Federal Immission Control Act).

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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