Intervention Agency

Service Description

Intervention centers are a complement to domestic violence threat prevention measures.
"Domestic violence" does not refer to every form of violence perpetrated in the domestic sphere, but specifically means violence between adult relationship partners, whereby it can refer to both current and separated or former couples. Domestic violence is predominantly perpetrated by men against women; in some cases, men are also the victims.
The target groups of the intervention center are women, men and their children who are affected by domestic violence, primarily after a police intervention or reports and criminal charges concerning domestic violence. Intervention centers work pro-actively, i.e., they become active on their own initiative, usually through telephone or personal counseling, and if necessary also through outreach counseling.

This means that after a police intervention due to domestic violence, the police send the necessary data and information to the intervention center if the victim agrees. A special fax sheet has been developed for this purpose, which the police send to the intervention center. The employees of the intervention center then contact the victim immediately on their own initiative. The free service offered by the Intervention Center is of a short-term nature and focuses on psychological stabilization and legal information in a crisis. The victims are informed about their legal, factual and individual protection options. In order to cover the sometimes very complex need for counseling, referrals to appropriate facilities, institutions and counseling centers are made if necessary.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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