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Compensable game damage is damage caused by cloven-hoofed game, wild rabbits and pheasants to land used for agriculture and forestry. The damage caused by game to separated but not yet harvested products of a plot of land shall also be compensated.

Damage caused by game to land on which hunting is not allowed is not compensated.

If damage is caused to a plot of land belonging to or attached to a common hunting district, the hunting cooperative shall compensate the injured party for the damage. If the hunting leaseholder has assumed the compensation of the game damage in whole or in part, the obligation to compensate shall be incumbent on the hunting leaseholder. In the case of proprietary hunting districts, the provisions shall apply accordingly.

If soil products, the full value of which can only be assessed at the time of harvest, are damaged by cloven-hoofed game, wild rabbits or pheasants before this time, the damage caused by game shall be compensated to the extent it appears at the time of harvest. However, in determining the amount of damage, consideration shall be given to whether the damage can be compensated for by replanting in the same marketing year in accordance with the principles of a customary method of cultivating the land.

Game damage to vineyards, gardens, orchards, nurseries, avenues, solitary trees, forest crops with main species of wood other than those occurring in the hunting district, or outdoor plantings of horticultural or high-value commercial crops shall not be compensated if there has been a failure to erect customary protective devices sufficient to avert the damage under normal conditions.

Normal protective devices for averting damage from game are considered to be game fences which, in order to keep out

  • Red and fallow deer a minimum height of 1.80 m,
  • roe deer and wild boar a minimum height of 1.50 m,
  • mouflon a minimum height of 2.50 m and
  • wild rabbits a minimum height of 1.30 m above the ground surface, have a wire mesh fence with max.40 mm mesh size and are buried at least 0.20 m deep into the ground.

In addition, the protection devices must be continuously checked and kept game-proof.

Hunting damage is damage caused to real estate in connection with the practice of hunting.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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