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If you or your children live in Thuringia, i.e. if you have your domicile or habitual residence here or if you are in an apprenticeship or employment relationship in Thuringia, you are subject to compulsory schooling (Schulpflichtige/Schulpflichtiger).

Compulsory schooling is divided into full-time compulsory schooling and compulsory vocational schooling.

Full-time compulsory schooling begins on August 1 of each year for all children who are six years old on that day. There are exceptions to this age rule (e.g., early enrollment and deferral).

Full-time compulsory education lasts ten school years. There are exceptions to this (e.g., skipping a grade).

Full-time compulsory education can be completed at state schools (elementary school, regular school, community school, comprehensive school, grammar school and special school) as well as by attending an alternative school (so-called "free schools" or "private schools"). There are other options (e.g. at vocational schools).

If you or your children are in a training relationship, attendance at vocational school is compulsory (Berufsschulpflicht). Compulsory vocational school is fulfilled by attending vocational school or remedial vocational school. It ends with the completion of vocational training or at the latest at the end of the school year in which the 21st birthday is reached.

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Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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