Passport issuance new due to name change in case of divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership

Service Description

If your last name has changed (for example, due to marriage or divorce), your previous passport with the former name has an incorrect entry and has therefore become invalid. If you still need a passport, you must apply for a new document immediately.

Attention. You are obliged to present the invalid passport to the passport authority immediately, it will then usually be confiscated.

Engaged couples can apply for their new passport or even ID card already after the registration of the marriage with a certificate from the registry office, so that it is ready on the day of the marriage. After the marriage, the passport can be picked up upon presentation of the marriage certificate.

The passport is issued by the passport office of the municipality or city council where you have your place of residence. For important reasons, you can also apply for the document in another municipality. This passport authority will then first be authorized to issue the passport by the authority that is actually responsible for you. If this authorization is granted, the passport can be issued, but this will double the fees.

You can also apply for passports and temporary passports at German missions abroad. The additional costs in this case are EUR 21.00 for a passport or EUR 13.00 for a temporary passport.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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