electronic proof of identity storage

Service Description

The following data is stored in the ID card chip of the ID card:

  1. Family name and maiden name,
  2. first names
  3. Doctor's degree
  4. Date and place of birth
  5. Photograph
  6. Address, in case of address abroad the indication "no main residence in Germany
  7. Order name, artist name
  8. Abbreviations "IDD" for identity card of the Federal Republic of Germany, "ITD" for temporary identity card of the Federal Republic of GermanyIXD" for substitute identity card of the Federal Republic of Germany
  9. Serial number
  10. abbreviation "D" for German nationality
  11. last day of validity
  12. Check digits
  13. Blank spaces
  14. 2 Fingerprints, designation of the fingers recorded, information on the quality of the prints
  15. The unique municipality code used in the official municipality directory

At the latest when you collect your ID card, the fingerprints are deleted at the manufacturer and at the ID card authority.

Your biometric data is used to securely establish your identity. The Identity Card Act stipulates that only government agencies are authorized to use the biometric data, for example

  • Police law enforcement agencies,
  • customs administration,
  • tax investigation offices of the federal states, and
  • identity card, passport and registration authorities.

If doubts remain about the identity after the photo comparison, the security authorities of the EU member states can read out the fingerprints stored in the chip and compare them with the fingerprints of the person identifying himself.

This makes it possible to quickly detect fraud attempts by similar-looking strangers using your ID card.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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