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Germans within the meaning of Article 116 (1) of the Basic Law are required to possess a valid identity document as soon as they reach the age of 16 and are subject to the general obligation to register or, without being subject to it, are predominantly resident in Germany. They must present it on request to an authority authorized to establish identity and enable it to compare their face with the photograph on the ID card.

The identification requirement can also be fulfilled by possession and presentation of a valid passport or temporary passport. Identification documents of other states are not suitable for this purpose.

The identification obligation also applies to persons against whom a custodial sentence is being enforced, from three months prior to release from custody.

The competent identity card authority may exempt persons from the identity card obligation,

  1. for whom a guardian has been appointed not only by temporary order or who are incapable of acting or consenting and are represented by a person or by a person authorized by a publicly certified power of attorney,
  2. who are likely to be permanently confined to a hospital, nursing home or similar institution, or
  3. who are unable to move about alone in public because of a permanent disability.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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