Promotion of research, technology and innovation

Service Description

Funding Objects:

Research and development projects for the development of new or novel products, processes and services.

  • Single-company R&D projects
  • Collaborative R&D projects

Innovation vouchers to facilitate access to the know-how necessary for R&D processes and the rapid commercialization of innovations and research results

  • A Preparation of collaborative R&D projects
  • B Feasibility studies for R&D projects and use of R&D results from EU programs
  • C Technical property rights
  • D: Innovation-supporting creative business services
  • E: Process and organizational innovation

Business-related infrastructure

  • Establishment and expansion of innovation centers
  • R&D projects and investments at business-related research institutions
  • Cold rent exemption for young technology-based, knowledge-based or creative-economy companies in TGZs/application centers.

The projects must be in line with the Regional Research and Innovation Strategy for Intelligent Specialization (RIS 3 Thuringia). Funding is possible in the following RIS 3 fields:

Specialization fields

  • Industrial production and systems
  • Sustainable and intelligent mobility and logistics
  • Healthy living and health economy
  • Sustainable energy and resource use

Cross-sectional field

  • Information and communication technologies, innovative and production-related services (funding in the cross-sectional field is only possible if the project is also related to at least one field of specialization).

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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