Permission for the use of an approved plant protection product in another application area according to § 22 (2) PflSchG

Service Description

Plant protection products may only be used if

  • the products are approved
  • the authorization is not suspended and only
  • in the respectively valid areas of application (crop and harmful organism) specified in the authorization
  • in accordance with the valid conditions of use specified in the authorization.

In many horticultural crops, which are only cultivated on a small scale, but also in special agricultural crops, the possibility of using plant protection products is limited or non-existent, as there are usually only a few approved products for this purpose. However, the problem of "control gaps" can also exist with certain harmful organisms that cause damage worthy of control only sporadically and in certain areas and were therefore not taken into account in regular approvals.

In these situations, an operational case-by-case approval can be requested for the use of an approved plant protection product in an additional application area. The validity of a permit is always limited to the applying farm and the area applied for. It may be subject to additional conditions.