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Service Description

KULAP 2014 is the Thuringian program for the promotion of environmentally and climate-friendly agriculture, conservation of the cultural landscape, nature conservation and landscape management.

It is the predecessor program of the current KULAP 2022 and applies to all measures applied for in the previous funding period whose commitment period has not yet expired. KULAP 2014 measures can no longer be reapplied for. However, an extension of the commitment area is possible for the organic farming measure.

KULAP is not income support. The amount of the grants for the individual measures is intended to compensate for the additional expenditure or the loss of income incurred by the farmer for complying with specific grant requirements that exceed the statutory requirements. A farm undertakes to voluntarily participate in a measure for a period of at least 5 years. Funding is available for arable and grassland measures aimed at protecting and improving the environment as well as organic farming and the keeping of farm animals threatened with extinction.

The arable measures (A1 to A6) are as follows:

  • Species-rich crop rotation A1
  • Operational erosion control A3
  • Natural structural elements A4 (flower strips, conservation strips, field margins, erosion control strips)
  • Use of arable land as grassland A5
  • Red kite protection A6

Grassland measures (G1-G7) include

  • Species-rich grassland G1
  • Biotope grassland G2-G5 (basic level, more difficult level, herding sheep)
  • Open land conservation G6
  • Permanent conversion of arable land into permanent grassland G7

Animal measure T- native livestock breeds threatened with extinction

Organic farming Ö

  • Introduction/maintenance Ö1 and Ö2

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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