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Service Description

Since 15.07.2017, the identity card has been issued as standard with activated online ID function (also called eID function) to persons aged 16 and over; eID cards can be obtained by EU citizens and nationals of the European Economic Area aged 16 and over with electronic proof of identity function since 01.01.2021. In order to be able to identify oneself online with companies and authorities, an activated eID function and the PIN are required.

If your own PIN has been set but forgotten, or if you have misplaced your PIN letter, or if the online ID function has not yet been activated, you can either

  • use the electronic PIN reset and activation service (currently still in a first beta version) or
  • contact your ID card or eID card authority.

With the help of the PIN reset service, holders of an ID card or eID card who have a registration address in Germany can reset the PIN of their online ID card themselves. Holders of an ID card with a German registration address can also activate the online ID card themselves. Since eID cards can only ever be applied for from the age of 16 with an activated online ID card, this activation service is only available for the ID card that persons who are not yet required to have an ID card can also possess, but without an activated online ID card, or which may have been issued with a deactivated eID function before July 15, 2017 due to the option available at that time.

The PIN reset and activation service is an additional offer; the option of having the online ID card activated or a new PIN set at the ID card or eID card authority continues to exist.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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