Animal carcasses and animal by-products Disposal

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Dead animals (domestic, pet, zoo, circus and, in special circumstances, wild animals - especially wild boar found dead) and certain waste of animal origin, such as slaughterhouse waste or leftovers from restaurants or commercial kitchens, must be properly reported and disposed of.

The harmless disposal of these carcasses and wastes is an important part of animal disease control and public health prevention. Only through effective treatment is it possible to render harmless pathogens of diseases in animal carcasses or their parts, whether recognized or not. Therefore, dead animals and certain animal parts must be sent for proper disposal at a specialized plant. Kitchen and food waste from gastronomy and large kitchens that contain animal components (e.g. meat scraps, sausage) are also subject to disposal that is regulated uniformly throughout Europe by law.

Are you in possession of a dead animal or have you found one?

In principle, the disposal of a dead animal is to be arranged via the disposal company responsible for Thuringia.

If the animal was killed in connection with a traffic accident, inform the police.

If the animal is located in other public areas, inform the responsible municipal or district administration. In the case of a wild boar found dead, please inform the Veterinary and Food Surveillance Office (VLÜA) of your district or district-free city, as the animal must be examined for the African swine fever virus, among other things.

If the animal is your own pet and you have your own property that is not located in a water catchment area or near public ways and places, you may bury it. The animal's body must be covered by a layer of earth at least 50 cm thick.

If it is your own horse and you want to have it cremated, please contact the Veterinary and Food Control Office (VLÜA) of your county or city.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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