Verify trader reliability for trades requiring monitoring

Service Description

In the case of the following trades, the Trade Licensing Office must check the reliability of the trader immediately after the trade registration or re-registration has been submitted:

  • Purchase and sale (second-hand goods trade) of
    • high-value consumer goods, in particular consumer electronics, computers, cameras, video cameras, carpets, fur and leather clothing
    • motor vehicles and bicycles
    • precious metals and alloys containing precious metals or corresponding goods
    • precious stones, pearls and jewelry
    • scrap metals
  • providing information on financial circumstances and personal matters (credit agencies, detective agencies)
  • by companies specialized in trading with second-hand goods
  • Arranging marriages, partnerships and acquaintanceships
  • operation of travel agencies and mediation of accommodations
  • locksmith services, distribution and installation of building security devices
  • manufacture and distribution of special theft-related opening tools

If you do not comply with this obligation, the authority shall obtain this information ex officio. In any case, the documents will not be sent to you, but directly to the competent authority.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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