Road passenger transport - prove professional suitability to run a business.

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If you are a bus, cab or rental car companyor a company for the bundled transport of goods on demand you need a permit from the competent authority. One prerequisite is your professional suitability, which you usually prove by passing an examination.

Depending on the type of business, you can take the exam for cab and rental car transport as well as for bundled on-demand transport. as well as for the bundled on-demand traffic or for the transport with buses and the bundled on-demand transport file.

If the permit applied for is to be valid for cabs, rental cars or bundled on-demand transport, the applicant must provide proof of professional competence. The proof can be provided by a suitable body. The suitable body has yet to be determined for Thuringia. The type and scope of the required proof of expertise are also not conclusively regulated at present. Therefore, in the absence of legal provisions, a driver's license for passenger transportation will be issued for the time being even without the presentation of a certificate of proficiency. However, it expires if the holder of the driver's license does not present the proof of expert knowledge to the driver's license authority at the latest one year after the appropriate body has been determined by state law.

In the examination you have to prove the legal knowledge, commercial basics, knowledge of technical standards and regulations as well as traffic safety necessary for the operation of your company. A more detailed list can also be found in the orientation framework, which is linked in the further notes.

You should prepare intensively for the bus transport exam in terms of content, for example by taking a preparatory course or intensive self-study. However, there are no legal requirements for registering for the exam.

The examination is an overall examination consisting of two written parts and, if applicable, an oral part. The result of the examination is determined by an examination board. In both written parts, at least 50 percent of the respective score must be achieved in order to be admitted to the oral examination. The examination is passed if at least 50 percent of the score has also been achieved in the oral examination and at least 60 percent of the total score has been achieved overall. Those who have achieved at least 50 percent of the achievable score in both written parts and a total of at least 60 percent of the total score are exempt from the oral examination.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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