Special use of roads - apply for permission to restrict traffic space

Service Description

For every measure that requires a restriction and special use of the public traffic space, a permit is required from the local road traffic authority.

For example, many works affect the public traffic space, such as road construction measures or the use of the sidewalk when erecting scaffolding and storing building materials.

Specifications are made for the execution of such work, for example

how the construction site is to be cordoned off and marked,

whether and how traffic is to be restricted, guided and regulated,

how any detour routes are to be marked.

Anyone wishing to use the public traffic area in this way must obtain a traffic law order to this effect before starting work.

This order is intended on the one hand to ensure the safety of construction workers in the traffic area and on the other hand to ensure that traffic is not impaired more than is unavoidable.

You need a traffic authority order not only for a full lane closure or partial lane closure, but also if the work affects bike paths or sidewalks.

Before the order is issued, the municipality, police and road authorities are often consulted.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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