Allow brokerage activities

Service Description

You need a permit if you want to offer the following on a professional basis:

  • Brokerage of real estate (real estate agents),
  • Mediation of loan agreements (except real estate loans for consumers),
  • management of residential real estate (residential real estate managers) or
  • Preparation or execution of construction projects in one's own name or in the name of a third party (property developer, construction supervisor).

Depending on which permit you apply for, you are authorized to carry out the following activities, for example:

  • Brokerage of real property and rights equivalent to real property, as well as brokerage of the sale, encumbrance, rental or leasing of real property
  • Mediation of residential property as well as contracts on mortgages and land charges,
  • Intermediation of commercial premises as well as of residential premises, i.e. all types of space transfers including leases and subleases, i.e. also apartment and room brokering.
  • Brokering of loans (except real estate financing for consumers)
  • Planning or carrying out construction projects using third-party assets, for example, using assets belonging to tenants, leaseholders, other persons entitled to use the property or persons applying for acquisition or usage rights. It makes no difference whether you act in your own name (property developer) or whether you act on behalf of third parties (construction manager). The following activities, for example, come into consideration: Submitting building applications, commissioning architects and tradesmen, procuring and calling in financing, taking out insurance, calculating subsequent rents.
  • Administration of rented apartments or the joint condominium ownership of several persons. You are an administrator, for example, when you
    • carry out resolutions of the condominium owners and ensure that the house rules are enforced;
    • take the measures necessary for the proper maintenance and repair of the common property;
    • Arrange for and receive all payments and services related to the ongoing management of the common property;
    • manage funds collected.

For the brokerage of real estate consumer loan agreements, you need a different, separate commercial license.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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