Biotope protection

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A biotope is a more or less homogeneous part of the landscape that can be delimited from its surroundings. The definition and delimitation of a biotope are usually made on the basis of its plants and/or geomorphological characteristics, as well as its current use. A typical example is a pond. By means of its shoreline and the aquatic plants growing in it, it can be relatively clearly delineated from its surroundings. Just like some plant and animal species, certain types of biotopes are disappearing more and more from our landscape.

According to § 30 of the Federal Nature Conservation Act in conjunction with § 15 of the Thuringian Nature Conservation Act, certain parts of nature and landscape that have special significance as biotopes are protected by law. Unlike the better-known nature reserves or national parks, no designation is required for statutory biotope protection to be effective. These biotopes are protected by law simply because they belong to a particular type of biotope. Actions that may lead to the destruction or other significant impairment of biotopes protected in this way are prohibited.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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