Biosphere Reserves

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The protected area category of biosphere reserves was established by UNESCO as part of the Man and the Biosphere program. In these areas, the aim is to create a sustainable balance between the sometimes conflicting goals of conserving biological diversity, promoting economic development and preserving associated cultural values (UNESCO, published 1996).

To achieve this goal, biosphere reserves are zoned. While in the core zone no economic use of the natural assets may take place, in the maintenance zone the management of the areas according to the nature conservation goals is in the foreground. In the development zone, on the other hand, which makes up the largest part of the biosphere reserve in terms of area, the focus is on the development and promotion of innovative methods for the sustainable management of resources. The preservation of the characteristic cultural landscape is thus a central objective of the biosphere reserves.

The implementation of demonstration projects, but also the transfer of the results obtained from them to other regions, is another important concern of the biosphere reserves. Research and environmental monitoring, but also public relations and education for sustainable development are therefore further tasks of the biosphere reserves.

Extensive information about the biosphere reserve Vessertal-Thuringian Forest and the biosphere reserve Rhön in the Free State of Thuringia can be found on the websites of thebiosphere reserve Vessertal-Thuringian Forest.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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