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Service Description

An abutting owner's certificate issued for a property provides you with an overview of the property-related charges applicable under federal law.

Anliegerbescheinigungen are voluntary declarations by the city or municipality about a possible obligation to pay contributions for development or expansion services and about the location of a property on a public road. If you want to build on a plot of land, you can obtain a resident's certificate to give you greater financial planning security.

Thefollowing charges or contributions can be considered:

  • Development contributions (§§ 124 ff. BauGB), road expansion contributions
  • Compensatory levies under nature conservation law (§ 135 a BauGB)
  • Reallocation compensation payments (§ 64 BauGB)
  • Compensation contributions (§§ 154 f. BauGB) in urban redevelopment areas
  • Soil protection law compensation contributions for land cleared of contaminated sites (§ 25 BSchG)
  • Redemption amounts for parking space obligations
  • Contributions based on services provided by water/wastewater associations
  • Sealing levies
  • Forest preservation levies

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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