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Sites suspected of being contaminated are, on the one hand, properties of decommissioned companies/plants and other properties on which environmentally hazardous substances have been handled (old sites) and, on the other hand, properties of decommissioned waste disposal plants and other properties on which waste has been treated, stored or deposited (old deposits) and for which there is thus a suspicion of hazardous pollutant contamination of the soil. Such properties are designated as contaminated sites if investigations have proven the presence of hazardous soil contamination.

In Thuringia, areas suspected of being contaminated and contaminated sites are recorded in a cadastre. This cadastre is called "THALIS" (Thuringian Contaminated Sites Information System).

Property owners or persons with a legitimate interest require information for various reasons as to whether a property is suspected of being contaminated. For this purpose, you can submit an application for information from the register of contaminated sites to the responsible authority. For example, you can inquire whether a certain property is registered there. However, written information is subject to a fee.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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