Apply for exemption from the minimum age for shooting at shooting ranges to promote competitive sport

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The minimum age for shooting at shooting ranges is generally 12 years. In detail, the following applies

  • Children aged 12 and over may shoot with compressed air weapons, spring-loaded weapons and weapons whose projectiles are propelled by cold propellant gases;
  • young people between the ages of 14 and 18 may also shoot with firearms up to a caliber of 5.6 mm lfB (.22.l.r.) for rimfire ammunition with a maximum muzzle energy of 200 joules (J), as well as with single-shot long guns with smooth barrels with a maximum caliber of 12 gauge.

Children and young people may only shoot if a written or electronic declaration of consent has been provided by their legal guardians and suitable supervisors for children and young people are present.

If a shooting club considers children under the age of 12 to be sufficiently talented to practice shooting as a competitive sport, the competent authority may allow these children to shoot on request. A special permit must be applied for for these children. Depending on the federal state, the shooting clubs or the parents or guardians must apply for the exemption. It is recommended that you obtain information about the relevant regulations from the responsible authority.

For children under the minimum age, proof must be provided that they are mentally and physically fit. This must always be confirmed by a doctor. For exceptions, it is recommended that you contact the competent authority for information on the relevant regulations.

Whether children under the minimum age are suitable for competitive sport in a shooting discipline may not be tested with the corresponding firearms, but must be done in another way.

The exemption from the minimum age can also be requested for an event, for example for a "taster day" to recruit young talent in a shooting club. This exemption is only granted for the event and does not apply to regular training for children and young people.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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