Submit proof of successful completion of the security guard and security industry proficiency test

Service Description

You must pass the examination for the following activities in the security industry (guarding):
- patrols in public traffic areas or in
areas with actual public traffic

  • (city patrols, patrolling public parks, shopping centers or in the S-Bahn/subway area)
  • Protection against shoplifters (department store detective)
  • Guarding the entrance area of nightclubs (bouncer)
  • Leading function in the guarding of refugee accommodation (reception facilities or shared accommodation in accordance with the Asylum Act or other official accommodation for asylum seekers or refugees)
  • Leading function in the guarding of large events with access protection
  • Tradespeople (security contractors, GmbH managing directors, operations managers)

For this purpose, you must take the examination of expertise at a Chamber of Industry and Commerce. You must first pass a written part (120 minutes, multiple choice) and then an oral part.

If you pass the examination, you will receive a certificate.

You do not have to meet any special requirements to register for the exam, but you should prepare well in terms of content. There are, for example, preparation courses and learning materials from private providers. A command of the German language is necessary to pass the exam.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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