Apply for entry in the register of intermediaries as a real estate loan broker

Service Description

The chambers of industry and commerce keep a register of intermediaries. Real estate loan brokers, among others, must be entered in the register. They may only operate once they have been entered in the register of intermediaries.

Employees who are directly involved in brokering or advising or are responsible for this in a managerial position must also be entered.

The following data is recorded in the register of intermediaries:

  • Your surname and first name or that of the legal representatives with responsibility for intermediary activities and of the employees subject to registration,
  • the company and commercial partnerships in which you are active as a managing partner,
  • Your date of birth or the date of birth of the employees subject to registration,
  • your license as a real estate loan broker
  • if applicable, the information that you act as a fee-based real estate loan advisor,
  • the name and address of the competent licensing authority and the competent registration authority,
  • Your business address,
  • your registration number,
  • the EU or EEA states in which you intend to operate and, if you have a branch, the business address there and the legal representatives of this branch,
  • if applicable, in the case of authorization by another EU/EEA member state, the information provided by the latter about you.

The register of intermediaries is publicly accessible online - with the exception of dates of birth. The purpose of the register is in particular to enable the general public, in particular borrowers and lenders, to verify the license and the scope of the licensed activities of those subject to registration. Anyone can search for a person subject to registration by entering their name or register number.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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