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Retraining is used for professional reorientation, usually because you are no longer able to carry out your previous profession. There are group retraining measures at the retraining provider (here: training provider) or individual retraining measures at a company.

All retraining takes place on the basis of a recognized training occupation and, just like vocational training, ends with a final examination, the retraining examination.
Retraining examinations consist of a written examination section and a practical or oral examination section. Both parts of the examination usually take place on different days. The written part of the examination takes place on a fixed day at the same time throughout Germany.

A retraining examination is conducted regionally by the bodies responsible for training in your profession (e.g. Chamber of Industry and Commerce) for all retrainees at the end of the retraining period. Before you can take part in the retraining examination, you must have completed the retraining course. This takes two thirds of the usual training period in the respective occupation.

The responsible office will start the registration process for the retraining examination by post or electronically. It will either contact your company or training provider, who will register you and inform you. The responsible body will also organize the retraining examination. The examination board that conducts the examination consists of an employer representative, employee representative and teacher representative. It will examine and assess your examination performance.

The retraining relationship ends when the examination board announces the result. If you do not pass the retraining examination, you have the opportunity to retake the examination twice. The examination fees due will be paid by the training company or educational institution with which you have concluded a
you have concluded a retraining contract with.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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