Apply for admission to the final examination in a training occupation according to BBiG

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Final examinations in dual training occupations in accordance with the Vocational Training Act are carried out in the IHK sector as standardized national examinations. Final examinations are divided into a written examination part and, depending on the occupation, a practical or oral examination part. Both parts of the examination usually take place on different days. The written part of the examination takes place nationwide on a fixed day at the same time. Final examinations are carried out regionally by the responsible bodies (usually a chamber such as the Chamber of Industry and Commerce) either at the end of a training course or, if the examination requirements provide for the so-called extended final examination, in two parts, in the middle and at the end of the training period. Before you can take the final examination, you must meet the admission requirements and have been admitted to the examination.

If you perform particularly well, you can be admitted to the final examination early (usually six months earlier). You must apply for this in good time. If you have concluded a training contract with a company, this training relationship has been reported to the regional competent authority by your training company. The competent authority therefore knows the period in which you will be taking your final examination. Once you have been invited to register, the responsible office will start the admission and registration process by post or electronically with your training company if the application for admission to the examination has been submitted.
examination admission has been received.

If you have not concluded a training contract with a training company, you can also take part in a final examination on the basis of many years of professional experience. You are then considered an external exam participant.

The final examination is organized by the regionally responsible body in consultation with the voluntary examination board. The examination board, consisting of employer representatives, employee representatives and teacher representatives, will examine and assess your examination performance. If documents are required to prepare the examination board for the examination, these must be submitted by the candidate in advance. The examination result determined by the examination board is sent to the competent body. They will issue your examination certificate and send it to you.

The training relationship ends when the examination board announces the result. If you fail the final examination, you have the opportunity to retake the examination twice.
The examination fees due will be paid by your training company. As an external examination candidate (examination candidate without a training contract with a company), you must pay the examination fees yourself.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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