Applying for re-authorization of a trade after prohibition

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As a rule, you can only apply for re-licensing of your trade after 1 year. This period is prescribed by law. It gives you the opportunity to show the authorities that the reasons for your unreliability have ceased to exist by changing your way of life.

For overriding reasons - for example, economic or structural policy reasons - you may be permitted to carry out your trade again earlier in exceptional cases. This applies, for example, in the event that the resumption of the trade

  • creates additional jobs or
  • enables creditors of your business to reduce their debts.

The mere cessation of the circumstances justifying unreliability is not sufficient to shorten the one-year period.
If you resume your activity after being re-authorized, you must at least submit a business registration to the competent authority at the same time. The resumption is to be assessed as a new start of the trade.

If you have previously had a permit revoked due to unreliability, which is legally required for the exercise of the trade, you must apply for a new permit before resuming your commercial activity requiring a permit. The same applies if a new permit requirement has been introduced in the meantime.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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